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Vote NO: How the AMS’s undemocratic referendum question undermines student voices

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Every year, the AMS finds various bits of its bylaws to change, sometimes small changes, sometimes larger. Sometimes housekeeping, sometimes more controversial. This year the AMS has proposed a significant bylaw change that will severely undermine students’ ability to democratically direct our student union’s actions, and they’re passing it off as a minor housekeeping change. […]

Gupta and the state of transparency and democracy at UBC

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If you’re anything like me, you spent August closely watching the unfolding drama at the highest echelons of UBC’s administration: a President who left unexpectedly and without explanation, the Board of Governors Chair cracking down on a professor, the AMS’s response, and now a call for transparency in the new Presidential Search process. As the […]

Vancouver Latin American Film Festival Review: NN

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Find the full lineup for the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival here. Final Showtime of NN: 5:00pm, Saturday September 12th Goldcorp Center for Arts, SFU Woodward’s This Peruvian film, written and directed by Héctor Gálvez, opens with a spectacular shot of the Andes Mountains, with a forensic team digging for bodies of the disappeared. The film […]

Top 16 Talon-Approved Initiatives on Campus

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By Anne Kessler, updated from “The Top 10 Talon-Approved Initiatives on Campus” by Urooba Jamal Do you find yourself rapidly muttering expletives under your breath every time you engage in any type of mainstream media? Have the phrases “in solidarity with,” “hegemonic,” and “social construct” come to replace filler words like “um” and “like” in […]

Anne Kessler’s Teach-In Speech: ‘We must hold the university to account’

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Hi UBC, My name is Anne Kessler, I’m your AMS VP academic and university affairs, and I’ve been asked here today to give you some background information on the proposed tuition and housing increases. I’m going to be giving a recounting of our meetings with the university so far and some sense of how the […]