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Rubbed Raw: Depression and Suicide, from the Eyes of a Lover

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Trigger warning: Suicide/self-harm/depression One: The Meeting It’s never like it is in the movies, is it. Except it was, wasn’t it? Just like a high-school rom-com gone wrong, everything went right, didn’t it? Except it didn’t… did it A High school history class turned hell, you turned around and asked me for… something. I can’t […]

A Palestinian’s response to Koby Michaels’ Op-ed

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Dear Koby Michaels, I’m writing this open letter to inform you and those who have read your article that your intentions behind writing it was not that of genuine fear, but of an ideological impetus to preserve your privilege. You benefit as a colonizer of unceded Coast Salish territory, and also Palestinian land if you […]

How 4chan Radicalizes White Men Online

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Content warning: racism, misogyny, animal cruelty 4chan is an imageboard where users post anonymously. It’s a simple premise, but within that ephemerality they’ve still made their mark on the web. They’ve been known to pull off stunts ranging from leaking celebrity nudes to calling in bomb threats, and from stealing jokes on Reddit to lighting […]

How Your Partying Alienates Your Friends Who Live With Disabilities or Chronic Health Issues

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I’m the type of person who gets great joy from  spending time with friends, it’s a way to relax and decompress particularly after a long week. In theory, I like the idea of partying, and going out dancing as a way of letting loose. But because of the way parties are or what going out […]

Silence, fear and cover-ups: The three pillars of UBC

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Something is rotten in the state of UBC. We’ve all read the stories about how the university has failed sexual assault survivors, problems with the Board of Governors, Steven Galloway’s firing, and Arvind Gupta’s premature departure. But the problems run much deeper making the institution toxic. This is something I found out all too well […]

If There’s a Reason: A Letter from a Survivor of the Campus Sexual Misconduct Debacle

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Content note: this letter discusses sexual assault I had a hard time deciding who this letter should be addressed to. There’s a lot of people I want to address, you see. The first, of course, is the scumbag who sexually assaulted me. And I guess I could talk about that. But, as a professor once […]

there’s the rub;

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TW: rape, secondary victimization/victim-blaming, PTSD, dissociation do you remember when the nightmares of your childhood were the only notion you had of the existence of evil where you’d stare wide-eyed (doe a deer a female deer) into the eyes of your monster while your mouth, an open grave, tried to give voice to the singing, […]

white feminist 404

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can trauma be owned can it be speculated on / paid for in plastic rainbows & rubber kisses? you, white feminist, are a bracelet locking me within these washed, haunted halls (so clean): the clock, this wristband, these lunch trays – they tell me to give one story here the exact four lines you’ve been […]

Putting My Own Oxygen Mask on First: Reflections on Suicide, Support, and Being Publicly Mentally Ill

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Content Warning: This piece is a personal account of depression, anxiety, and suicide in the context of contemporary student life. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide please call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or contact Vancouver Coastal Health’s  SAFER services. In the chaotic return to campus for the fall term, September 10th, Suicide […]

“You’ll find a boyfriend once you lose some weight”

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Trigger warning for disordered eating, fatphobia, body shaming, weight loss and discussion of diets. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, the National Eating Disorder Information Centre  has a toll-free helpline that you can access by calling 1-(866)-633-4220. “The more beautiful we are, the more admired our appearance, the closer we approach the dream […]