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“You’ll find a boyfriend once you lose some weight”

Filed under Disability Justice & Mental Health, Feminism   ·   March 15th, 2015   ·   1 comment

Trigger warning for disordered eating, fatphobia, body shaming, weight loss and discussion of diets. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, the National Eating Disorder Information Centre  has a toll-free helpline that you can access by calling 1-(866)-633-4220. “The more beautiful we are, the more admired our appearance, the closer we approach the dream […]

Why I Didn’t Report

Filed under Campus, Disability Justice & Mental Health, Feminism, Queer Issues   ·   November 17th, 2014   ·   6 comments

Our society has created the perfect platform for violation of female or feminized bodies, as it is founded upon violence, colonialism and the sexual power and privilege of cisgender heterosexual men.

Who is Subsidizing Whom? Rethinking the “Domestic”/”International” Divide

Filed under Activism, Campus, Capitalism & Class, Global Politics, Race and Racism   ·   October 15th, 2014   ·   3 comments

A few days ago, The Talon UBC released information about UBC’s bold move to increase international undergraduate tuition by 10% and residence fees by 20%. The university’s proposals have been met with outrage. Students are now organizing resistance efforts on a massive scale, with upcoming initiatives that include a mass-teach in on Tuesday, emergency AMS […]