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Blooms across Borders

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Sarah Munawar – @SarahMun0 PhD student in the Department of Political Science

Political Cartoon submission call-out

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Political cartoon participant call-out! The Talon will be publishing political cartoons! Instead of following the typical political cartoon formula, we would like to centre UBC students whose day-to-day experience is political, an act of resistance and/or brings light to important issues. By focusing on the personal as political, we hope this project will emphasize the […]

Institutional Burden Politics: A look at UBC’s disability structures

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How do UBC’s bureaucratic and institutional structures perpetuate ableist assumptions such as burden discourse? Burden discourse is when disabled bodies don’t feel entitled to ask for support. This can be due to language use, interpersonal interactions, and/or structures in the institution, which is what this article will focus on. It is critical to look closely […]