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A Guide to BDS for the Rest of Us

Filed under Activism, Campus, Global Politics   ·   March 25th, 2015   ·   10 comments

There’s a lot of buzz around campus about BDS, but if you’re like me, you’ve tuned it out a bit. You know it’s got something to do with Israel and Palestine, and lots of people are really worked up about it, so that’s a hornet’s nest you don’t really want to disturb without being a […]

Event Preview: ISIS and the New Middle East

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Feeling uninformed about the rapidly unfolding situations in Syria and Iraq? Want to share your thoughts? This Thursday, February 12, attend the #15 BARtalk, hosted by the Terry Project, from 6:00- 7:30 to learn more and engage with informed speakers. The event, “ISIS and The New Middle East,” will be an informal panel discussion style […]

The Legacy of December 6 at UBC: Moving Forward

Filed under Campus, Disability Justice & Mental Health, Feminism   ·   December 8th, 2014   ·   0 comments

Trigger warnings: Misogynistic Violence, Murder, Suicide, Mental Illness, Slurs Note: This is being published today, instead of actually on Dec 6, as to leave time for reflection, and concentrate on moving forward. Twenty-five years ago, as of December 6, 14 young women, most of them engineering students, were killed. Their names were Genevieve Bergeron, Helene […]

Meet the Editors: Evelyn Cranston

Filed under Activism, Campus, Environmentalism, Feminism   ·   November 4th, 2014   ·   0 comments

Evelyn Cranston was an editor and collective member for The Talon UBC‘s first year, from 2014 to 2015. She designed The Talon‘s print edition, which is available to view online here.

Rad Bike of the Week 3: Sup

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“That taste of freedom, feeling of infinity…” Sup Suppaiboonsuk – 3rd year Chemical and Biological Engineering   Sup was stopped on her Rad Bike just outside of IKB library, looking dynamite on her tiny red 1980’s vintage apollo road bike. I caught up her with later that week for a few of her insights on […]

Rad Bike of the Week 2: Britta

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“My bike doesn’t really have a name, but it says LRT on it and I don’t really know what that stands for, so in my brain it stands for Little Red Thing.” Britta Antonsen – 5th year biology Britta lives on campus, so the Little Red Thing usually only ventures into the city once or […]

Rad Bike of the Week

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“I’ve had two bikes – the first one had a sad story, the front wheel got stolen and… I never took it anywhere.

But this one is a year and a half old. I got the seat stolen… and someone tried to steal the front wheel so it got all bent and I had to replace [it]. I’ve had to replace pretty much everything on this bike but I still love it.”