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UBC’s secrecy is nothing new

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In an editorial on January 22, the Ubyssey staff rightly criticized UBC’s shameful contravention of Freedom of Information (FOI) laws, by going over the legal time limit in providing access to documents about the Gupta resignation, apparently as a way to avoid public scrutiny. This has in fact been a common practice, and has been […]

Not In Our Name: UBC’s new Progressive Jewish Alliance

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The Silencing of Jewish Progressive Voices In recent years there has been an explosion of Jewish groups breaking away from the mainstream Jewish community’s discourse on Israel/Palestine, seeking to reclaim the history of radical Jewish politics. As young Jews we have witnessed a silencing of perspectives that critique Israel and its actions. Slogans such as: […]

The AMS needs to answer for its complicity in tuition increases

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On October 14th, The Ubyssey broke the news that the university proposes to dramatically increase tuition for international students. The proposed hikes vary by program, with an average 49% increase over the current cost, and a maximum of 60.15% (for Sauder). The increases, if passed, would send a clear message: only the rich need apply […]

Angélica Choc at UBC: “We come carrying more than 500 years of resistance”

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Angélica Choc is a Mayan Q’eqchi’ woman from the community of La Union, in the Guatemalan municipality of El Estor. Adolfo Ich Chamán, her husband and an outspoken critic of the Canadian-owned nickel mine operating in the area, was brutally murdered on the 27th of September, 2009. The security manager of the mine was arrested […]

Refusing to be a Pawn: A Review of La Prenda

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Find the full lineup for the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival here. Showtime of La Prenda: 4:45pm, Sunday September 13 The Cinematheque This review contains discussions of rape, kidnapping, murder, and genocide “There is too much violence against women in Guatemala,” Astrid Elías Macario tells us from Los Angeles. “Many of these women stay quiet […]

“We are immigrants, not criminals”: An interview with Mexican whistleblower Karla Lottini

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Karla Lottini (a pseudonym for Karla Berenice García Ramírez) is a Mexican journalist who in 2008 was forced to flee the country after exposing government corruption. She came to Vancouver with her family seeking refugee status, which she was finally granted in 2012. Karla published The Talent of the Charlatans (El talento de los farsantes) […]

Photo Essay: Vigil for Phuong Na (Tony) Du

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On November 22, at the intersection of Knight Street and 41st Avenue in East Vancouver, Phuong Na (Tony) Du was shot dead by Vancouver police. He was unarmed and had been tapping a fence with a piece of wood. Witnesses say that he was shot within a minute of the police arriving on the scene, sparking the hashtag […]

Jewishness in the age of Protective Edge

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Trigger warning: graphic violence in the indented quotation that follows Every floor was covered with wounded patients. We were treating the injured in dental chairs, doing surgery on the ground, doing anything we could to save people.” In normal times, Kuwaiti Hospital serves two or three cases a day, usually older women. “Our colleagues weren’t […]

New information about UBC’s mining institute

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Repost from Stop the Institute. More information about the Institute is available there. There is a lack of public information about the Canadian International Institute for Extractive Industries and Development (CIIEID, or simply “the Institute”), a new mining institute headquartered at UBC and led by UBC, Simon Fraser University (SFU), and the École Polytechnique de […]