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Trump-style politics at UBC: Why you should proobbbbabbly vote in the upcoming AMS By-election this week

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Aah free speech. Two deliciously click-baity words that roll in and out of your mouth like Warheads candy the morning after Halloween. If only “free speech” as is commonly used nowadays by libertarians, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the “alt-right” actually refers to the legal definition of freedom of expression. Otherwise members of these groups would […]

We are Here, We are Needed: UBC Students of Colour Ready to Speak Out against Racist Violence Worldwide

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Next Friday, November 27th, an event at UBC is taking place where students of colour and allies will gather to show solidarity for the racist violence occurring throughout university campuses worldwide. Please join us at 2PM in the Performance Theatre of the AMS Nest, to show your support for #Mizzou, #Yale, #UWC, #FeesMustFall, #StudentBlackOut, #BlackLivesMatter […]

Refusing to be a Pawn: A Review of La Prenda

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Find the full lineup for the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival here. Showtime of La Prenda: 4:45pm, Sunday September 13 The Cinematheque This review contains discussions of rape, kidnapping, murder, and genocide “There is too much violence against women in Guatemala,” Astrid Elías Macario tells us from Los Angeles. “Many of these women stay quiet […]

“We are immigrants, not criminals”: An interview with Mexican whistleblower Karla Lottini

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Karla Lottini (a pseudonym for Karla Berenice García Ramírez) is a Mexican journalist who in 2008 was forced to flee the country after exposing government corruption. She came to Vancouver with her family seeking refugee status, which she was finally granted in 2012. Karla published The Talent of the Charlatans (El talento de los farsantes) […]

Social Justice Synonyms #14: “I raped that midterm”

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Content note: This piece discusses rape, rape culture, child sexual abuse, colonialism, violence against sex workers, and transmisogyny. In honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month here at UBC, this week’s Social Justice Synonyms will be dedicated to phrases which trivialize sexual violence, such as “I raped that midterm” or “that midterm raped me.” Casual use of […]

I’m holding up a still from the DVD for “Vicarious,” the first single from 10,000 Days. The video is made entirely using CGI, and I was inspired to draw this particular image four years ago, when physics class got too boring.
Soundtrack to the Revolution: A Term Paper Season Self-Care Mix

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Welcome to The Talon’s ‘Soundtrack to the Revolution.’ After I posted this lovely Iron & Wine album on my Facebook wall, describing it as “ritualistic posting of healing songs,” the brilliant Lucia Lorenzi responded by suggesting that The Talon editors write up a playlist for their “soundtrack to the revolution.” Lucia is a PhD candidate in the Department […]

Meet the Editors: Jane Shi

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my english teachers in china assigned me with the name jane. under most circumstances i’m okay with being called jane, though sometimes I can’t help but think of the more famous english janes (Eyre, Austen, Goodall, Grey), all of whom surely owned its meaning – “Yahweh is gracious/merciful” – far better than i, a chinese […]