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Pictured is Maneo Mohale wearing her identity to the March Against Racism in March 2015.
Maneo has written about this t-shirt in an article published in HOLAAfrica.

Not In Our Name: UBC’s new Progressive Jewish Alliance

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The Silencing of Jewish Progressive Voices In recent years there has been an explosion of Jewish groups breaking away from the mainstream Jewish community’s discourse on Israel/Palestine, seeking to reclaim the history of radical Jewish politics. As young Jews we have witnessed a silencing of perspectives that critique Israel and its actions. Slogans such as: […]

Multiculturalism and Tuition Hikes: How National Branding Rhetoric Works in the University’s Favour

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Names and details have been changed to ensure confidentiality. While recently conducting an interview for a sociology course, a respondent happened to illuminate ideas that I felt were especially relevant to ongoing discussions surrounding UBC’s fee increases. In the past couple of weeks, UBC’s proposed tuition hikes aimed at international students and on-campus residences have […]