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Navigating Beyond the Gender Binary

Filed under Queer Issues, Trans Issues   ·   February 19th, 2015   ·   2 comments

When I was a young child, I thought my parents wanted me to be a girl so badly that they secretly surgically altered my body so I’d be a girl (i.e. have a vulva). I never brought it up with my parents, I just frustratingly accepted it. I was taught gender and sex were synonymous, […]

Get the most out of technology: a stress and self-care guide for the new year

Filed under Campus, Disability Justice & Mental Health   ·   January 19th, 2015   ·   1 comment

As the term progresses, it gets harder and harder to stay on top of things while taking care of yourself. We at The Talon would like to remind our readers to put your mental, emotional, and physical well-being first. Know your own body and know that it is not worth sacrificing your life for a […]