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Call to Action on Tuition and Housing Cost Increases

During last year’s referendum, 91% of students  voted for and the AMS resolved that:

  • Tuition should be decreased for all.
  • Education should be open and accessible to all.

The university is raising costs for students again.

  • There will be a 10% increase for international tuition for the incoming class of 2015
  • 8-month residence contracts will also increase by 20% beginning in September

All members of the university community, domestic and international students alike, will be affected by these decisions. This is a slippery slope that will set a dangerous precedent for future fees. We must take action to oppose unjustified fee increases.

Get informed. Take action.

Assemble at Piper Plaza (the fountain) for a teach-in this Tuesday Oct. 14th 12:30pm, rain or shine.

  • Mackenzie

    As much as I agree that this is an incredibly serious issue, can we please not use the slippery slope argument? It is a logical fallacy and little more than scare tactics. UBC’s decision is inherently wrong, not based on future possible developments but based on the flaws with the decision.