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Meat is Murder

Filed under Activism, Animal Rights, Decolonization, Environmentalism, Feminism   ·   September 29th, 2015   ·   1 comment

There is no existence more complicated, convoluted and rewarding than being a human being. We live within our own inventions: insulated homes, organized municipal communities, restaurants, the internet, language – so who would want to be anything else? Now, across cultures relationships with land and animals vary, and since I cannot personally speak on the […]

Social Justice Synonyms #13: “Pig” and other Speciesist Terms

Filed under Animal Rights, Feminism, Race and Racism, Social Justice Synonyms   ·   January 15th, 2015   ·   4 comments

This week’s SJS article examines the harms of speciesist language – and why we shouldn’t propagate it even if animals can’t understand us.