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“You’ll find a boyfriend once you lose some weight”

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Trigger warning for disordered eating, fatphobia, body shaming, weight loss and discussion of diets. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, the National Eating Disorder Information Centre  has a toll-free helpline that you can access by calling 1-(866)-633-4220. “The more beautiful we are, the more admired our appearance, the closer we approach the dream […]

Social Justice Synonyms #18: “Crippled” and “Paralyzed”

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Generally, using the words “crippled” and “paralyzed” to refer to people with disabilities is impolite. However, they’re still being used to describe impairment, whether it’s in the media, daily conversations, or pop culture. It is not uncommon to encounter a news headline that reads something along the lines of, “Basketball team suffers crippling loss at […]

Social Justice Synonyms #15: “Anorexic” and “Bulimic”

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Colloquial misappropriations likening these disorders to weight loss strategies or bad habits, as well as associating them with celebrities and tabloid stories, serves to belittle these disorders and shame those living with them. This can cause persons living with an eating disorder to feel afraid to speak out for fear of being misunderstood, or for fear that they will be shamed and referred to as “crazy.”

Get the most out of technology: a stress and self-care guide for the new year

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As the term progresses, it gets harder and harder to stay on top of things while taking care of yourself. We at The Talon would like to remind our readers to put your mental, emotional, and physical well-being first. Know your own body and know that it is not worth sacrificing your life for a […]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Launches at UBC


January is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) at UBC, an initiative spearheaded by the University and the AMS. Access & Diversity and the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) are taking the lead in organizing and running events during SAAM, in partnership with many other campus organizations. All throughout January, members of the UBC community […]

Photo Essay: Vigil for Phuong Na (Tony) Du

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On November 22, at the intersection of Knight Street and 41st Avenue in East Vancouver, Phuong Na (Tony) Du was shot dead by Vancouver police. He was unarmed and had been tapping a fence with a piece of wood. Witnesses say that he was shot within a minute of the police arriving on the scene, sparking the hashtag […]

The Legacy of December 6 at UBC: Moving Forward

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Trigger warnings: Misogynistic Violence, Murder, Suicide, Mental Illness, Slurs Note: This is being published today, instead of actually on Dec 6, as to leave time for reflection, and concentrate on moving forward. Twenty-five years ago, as of December 6, 14 young women, most of them engineering students, were killed. Their names were Genevieve Bergeron, Helene […]

Social Justice Synonyms #11: “OCD” and “Bipolar”

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Although persons living with OCD and bipolar disorder are often high functioning individuals, many have at some point felt debilitated by their diseases, or have encountered feelings of distress, depression, and alienation. In contrast, a person without bipolar disorder who has a mood swing, or enjoys being punctual, does not have to live with these same symptoms. This type of misappropriation can prevent someone living with mental illness from speaking up or reaching out for help since they might fear not being taken seriously or being met with ignorance.

The Four Pillars Revisited: A Look at Vancouver Drug Policy

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In 2001, after much campaigning by activists, academics and public health officials, Vancouver’s municipal council approved the boldest, most progressive drug policy in North America: A Framework For Action: A Four-Pillar Approach to Vancouver’s Drug Problems. The Four Pillars‘ philosophy was simple but revolutionary: the government should lessen the harms associated with drug use, even […]

Why I Didn’t Report

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Our society has created the perfect platform for violation of female or feminized bodies, as it is founded upon violence, colonialism and the sexual power and privilege of cisgender heterosexual men.