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On “Top 16 Talon-Approved Initiative on Campus”

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In response to concerns expressed in regards to the inclusion of the Women’s Centre in the “Top 16 Talon-Approved Initiatives on Campus” article, The Talon would like to acknowledge that we are aware of and share concerns about the history of transmisogyny within the Women’s Centre. The Talon works to end all forms of oppression […]


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Pictured is Maneo Mohale wearing her identity to the March Against Racism in March 2015.
Maneo has written about this t-shirt in an article published in HOLAAfrica.

white feminist 404

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can trauma be owned can it be speculated on / paid for in plastic rainbows & rubber kisses? you, white feminist, are a bracelet locking me within these washed, haunted halls (so clean): the clock, this wristband, these lunch trays – they tell me to give one story here the exact four lines you’ve been […]

Meat is Murder

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There is no existence more complicated, convoluted and rewarding than being a human being. We live within our own inventions: insulated homes, organized municipal communities, restaurants, the internet, language – so who would want to be anything else? Now, across cultures relationships with land and animals vary, and since I cannot personally speak on the […]

Angélica Choc at UBC: “We come carrying more than 500 years of resistance”

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Angélica Choc is a Mayan Q’eqchi’ woman from the community of La Union, in the Guatemalan municipality of El Estor. Adolfo Ich Chamán, her husband and an outspoken critic of the Canadian-owned nickel mine operating in the area, was brutally murdered on the 27th of September, 2009. The security manager of the mine was arrested […]

Refusing to be a Pawn: A Review of La Prenda

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Find the full lineup for the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival here. Showtime of La Prenda: 4:45pm, Sunday September 13 The Cinematheque This review contains discussions of rape, kidnapping, murder, and genocide “There is too much violence against women in Guatemala,” Astrid Elías Macario tells us from Los Angeles. “Many of these women stay quiet […]

Policy as Prevention?: The Political Science Student Association Anti-Sexual Harassment Proposal

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Trigger warning: This article discusses victim blaming, rape culture, misogyny, and sexual violence. From highly publicized events such as the Dalhousie dentistry scandal, to the wave of unsolved assaults at UBC in the fall of 2013, to Emma Sulkowicz’ anti-rape mattress carrying activism, discussions surrounding rape culture, gender-based violence, and sexism on campuses across Turtle […]

Social Justice Synonyms #21: “Prostitute”

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On Sunday March 29th #facesofprostitution went viral. The hashtag was a response from queer Australian sex worker Tilly Lawless to an article posted on the website Exodus Cry entitled “The Reality of Pretty Woman.” The article argued that Pretty Woman, the 1990 movie in which Julia Roberts plays a sex worker, romanticizes the realities of […]

The Enduring Silence of UBC’s ‘Hunting Ground’

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Several months ago, a UBC student who had been sexually harassed told me that while university administrators publicly insist that we should openly confront and discuss such incidents, the real message they habitually, directly deliver to those who have been assaulted is, “Shh.” The student laughed and her eyes widened as she drew her index […]

Homelessness is Not a Choice

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I am deeply indebted to the Coast Salish people, the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam nations on whose unceded lands I think, teach, learn, and write. With my heartfelt gratitude. It is springtime again and the Five Days for the Homeless Campaign has recently concluded at UBC. The campaign’s website states that student participants had to […]