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sticks and stones can break your bones but words words words…

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I’m kind of apprehensive about writing this, and posting it anywhere public, but here I go anyway: “Freedom of speech” is kind of overrated. I hope that declaration was both reductionist and sensationalist enough that at least three of you will stick around long enough to hate-read this and hear me out. The English philosopher […]


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Content warning: sexual violence, physical assault I have evil thighs that sweat and slide down bus seats, stair banisters, bar stools, park benches and coffeeshop sofas, sun soaked beach loungers, carnival booths, pub vinyl and airplane chintz My evil thighs twitch under cotton sundresses and cleave communist creases across khakis magnetize security guards, homeless men […]


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Are you a photographer, painter, creative writer, poet, videographer, or otherwise creative person? Are you wanting to be published? If your answers are yes and yes  – please consider submitting! The Talon, UBC’s best and alternative press, is now expanding its horizons into the realm of multimedia. The Talon is cognisant that articles are not […]

The Talon Guide to: The Buchanan Complex

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Mary Chen is a third year arts student and so far, this is her only contribution to The Talon as part of the Editorial Collective. She doesn’t know why they hired her either.