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The Post-Truth Politics of Jordan Peterson’s Gender Nonbinary Pronoun Debate

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Is there some legitimacy in what he brings up about free speech and a culture of polarization that we too are concerned about? Absolutely. But what Peterson is using his “free speech” towards is the suppression of minority rights that he takes ideological issue with. We don’t support such “intellectual” thinking, or argument.

All-Gender Washrooms: A Trans* Issue and Beyond

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Content warning: Transphobia None of the authors of this post are transgender or gender-variant. For that reason, we are cognizant of the privilege we have to advocate for transgender rights as allies who do not face the repercussions that transgender, or gender-variant people continue to face today. Many transgender and gender-variant people have advocated for […]

Open letter against transmisogyny and anti-sex work rhetoric in Vancouver

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In the spirit of anti-hate and a truly intersectional politics, we the undersigned express our solidarity with trans women and sex workers by denouncing discourses and practices that engender a culture of discrimination towards trans women and sex workers, prevent their access to health and social services, and otherwise expose trans women and sex workers […]

seasons of gender: reflections on trans day of remembrance

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gender can be a daunting topic – daunting for trans and cis people alike. for the latter, discussing gender can seem difficult. anxiety-provoking. tentative to engage, cis people often avoid asking about pronouns, avoid trying with pronouns, avoid learning about gender altogether. all this employed in the spirit of fragility: as if it is better […]

On “Top 16 Talon-Approved Initiative on Campus”

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In response to concerns expressed in regards to the inclusion of the Women’s Centre in the “Top 16 Talon-Approved Initiatives on Campus” article, The Talon would like to acknowledge that we are aware of and share concerns about the history of transmisogyny within the Women’s Centre. The Talon works to end all forms of oppression […]

Social Justice Synonyms #20: “You guys”

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Welcome back to Social Justice Synonyms, a column at The Talon that discusses the power of language and why we should unlearn the words that maintain the status quo. For more insight, check out our past segments here. This week’s segment looks at needlessly gendered terms, specifically the phrase “guys/you guys.” Greeting a group of […]

Social Justice Synonyms #17: “Dyke” and “Fag”

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The words “fag” and “dyke” are both words that carry a history of violence – emotional, verbal, and physical – against folks perceived as QUILTBAG. They’re words that have been, and continue to be used to remind people when they are enacting gender or sexuality in ways seen as ‘deviant’ according to social norms, which […]

Navigating Beyond the Gender Binary

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When I was a young child, I thought my parents wanted me to be a girl so badly that they secretly surgically altered my body so I’d be a girl (i.e. have a vulva). I never brought it up with my parents, I just frustratingly accepted it. I was taught gender and sex were synonymous, […]

Pride Collective’s Outweek: Call for Submissions

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This year, Outweek runs from February 6-14, and The Talon is encouraging submissions from the community that connect to the spirit of Outweek and to Outweek 2015’s theme “sowing seeds and setting roots.” If you have related thoughts, we want to hear from you! We welcome submissions about any of the Outweek events, ideas presented at the events, and/or any other opinions, comments, or thoughts you may have.

Social Justice Synonyms #14: “I raped that midterm”

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Content note: This piece discusses rape, rape culture, child sexual abuse, colonialism, violence against sex workers, and transmisogyny. In honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month here at UBC, this week’s Social Justice Synonyms will be dedicated to phrases which trivialize sexual violence, such as “I raped that midterm” or “that midterm raped me.” Casual use of […]