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Event Preview: “maladjusted”

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“maladjusted” explores the mechanization of the mental health system with a goal of creating a discussion on how to move towards more human-centred care. This interactive forum theatre is created and performed by patients and caregivers. Organized by Theatre for Living at the Firehall Arts Centre, the performance is going on until March 28. Please […]

“We are immigrants, not criminals”: An interview with Mexican whistleblower Karla Lottini

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Karla Lottini (a pseudonym for Karla Berenice García Ramírez) is a Mexican journalist who in 2008 was forced to flee the country after exposing government corruption. She came to Vancouver with her family seeking refugee status, which she was finally granted in 2012. Karla published The Talent of the Charlatans (El talento de los farsantes) […]

Fighting for Justice in Transit: Why You Should Vote Yes in the Transit Referendum

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The Metro Vancouver referendum on whether or not to raise the PST by 0.5% to fund transit investments is not going well. Hijacked by activists from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, youth, seniors, low-income people, and other major transit-user demographics have been left out, forgotten, or actively rebuffed from the conversation around transit. The proposal, created […]

I Am Still Here: Reflections on #AmINext

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A while back there was a social media campaign called “Am I Next?” which aimed to raise  awareness about the numerous murdered and missing Native women in Canada. In solidarity with the campaign, many people changed their Facebook profile picture to a silhouette of a Native woman with a feather in her hair with the […]

Gupta’s Twitter Townhall: One Hour of Neoliberalsplainin’

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[View the story “Gupta’s Twitter Townhall: One Hour of Neoliberalsplainin’” on Storify]

Photo Essay: Vigil for Phuong Na (Tony) Du

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On November 22, at the intersection of Knight Street and 41st Avenue in East Vancouver, Phuong Na (Tony) Du was shot dead by Vancouver police. He was unarmed and had been tapping a fence with a piece of wood. Witnesses say that he was shot within a minute of the police arriving on the scene, sparking the hashtag […]

The Four Pillars Revisited: A Look at Vancouver Drug Policy

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In 2001, after much campaigning by activists, academics and public health officials, Vancouver’s municipal council approved the boldest, most progressive drug policy in North America: A Framework For Action: A Four-Pillar Approach to Vancouver’s Drug Problems. The Four Pillars‘ philosophy was simple but revolutionary: the government should lessen the harms associated with drug use, even […]

Ayotzinapa Protest and the Importance of Solidarity

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These atrocious acts of censorship and abuse of institutional and political power mirror the recent Burnaby Mountain protests and the acquittal of Darren Wilson. There are clearly many layers of injustice here; why has there been so little investigation on the whereabouts of these 43 students? Why is police brutality still so prevalent when they are meant to protect us? Why does the Canadian government still consider Mexico a “safe country” for refugees? Why have so few Vancouver publications reported on the protests that happened in the heart of Downtown?

Defenders and Caretakers of Burnaby Mountain: We Stand with You

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Note: The Talon editorial collective would like to apologize for not having consulted Elders regarding place names on Burnaby Mountain. We understand that Lheklhukxate is one name belonging to the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh people and as such do not want to erase place names known to and belonging to other nations. The Talon editorial collective would like to express solidarity […]

When it comes to policy and council record, Vision and the NPA agree on practically everything

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“Forget the issues, our politicians are now brands,” BC Business Magazine (November 2014) p. 58 This election season, Vision Vancouver and the Non Partisan Association (NPA) are putting forward wedge issues to give the appearance of a conflict about policies. But, as Frances Bula suggested in her recent article for BC Business (pictured above), it’s […]