# I AM A STUDENT Holds General Student Assembly

A General Student Assembly was held on Tuesday to facilitate discussion and organize action against the recently proposed tuition and residence fee increases. I Am A Student – UBC, a recently-created student group dedicated to action against the university’s recently proposed 10% international tuition fee hikes and 20% residence fee hikes, organized the event.

Around 175 students attended the General Assembly, which took place on the second floor of the Student Union Building.

The event offered students a space to get informed about the fee increases, and take part in organization against the hikes. Students who attended the Assembly were encouraged to help make signs, strategize action, and promote events on social media, as well as make buttons and {{Red-Squares}}[[Red-Squares]]A symbol of student solidarity, mobilization and affordable education used in a number of student movements in North America, notably during the 2005 and 2012 Quebec student strikes and at Cooper Union School of Art.[[Red-Squares]]. The General Assembly saw participation from members of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) and closed with a large group discussion facilitated by Iain Marjoribanks. Discussion centered on direct actions students could take, the effects these increases would have on rural BC students and how to involve more people living in residence.

Planning at the General Assembly focused on a protest rally set for October 24 and the AMS Annual General Meeting next Thursday, which will feature discussion, and potentially voting action, related to the increases.

The University announced the 10% increase for future international students earlier this month, saying that the increase will “improve UBC’s academic excellence and student experience.” The 20% residence fee increase, which will affect eight-month residence contracts on the justification that the increase will “support growth” and that UBC’s student housing fees are below market rates.



All photos by Josh Gabert-Doyon. Photo editing by Claire Smale.