Content warning: sexual violence, physical assault

I have evil thighs that sweat and slide
down bus seats, stair banisters,
bar stools, park benches and coffeeshop sofas,
sun soaked beach loungers,
carnival booths, pub vinyl and airplane chintz

My evil thighs twitch under cotton
sundresses and cleave communist creases across khakis
magnetize security guards, homeless
men and ex convicts

I have evil thighs that capsize changing rooms,
swallow church pews, overflow bathtubs,
unbalance airplanes and decimate grasslands

I have evil thighs that evangelize
Satan to young boys and old men,
Convert Catholic schoolgirls in locker rooms,
squeeze party invitations on Jehovah’s birthday,
trigger teenage militias and
conduct currents of civil unrest

I have evil thighs that canonize stories of lap rubs in the dark,
beg for purple wrists,
wait for fists around my neck,
and promise not to fight back
he likes squirmers

I have evil thighs that colonize
crying, eyeliner and appletinis,
closet space and compliments,
sympathy and self defense,
dancing by myself and watching them grow up

I have evil thighs that democratize
Erectoral systems and pussy tax,
Beg for advice on

absolute inclusivity,
every vote counts,
except mine.