Political Cartoon submission call-out

Political cartoon participant call-out!

The Talon will be publishing political cartoons! Instead of following the typical political cartoon formula, we would like to centre UBC students whose day-to-day experience is political, an act of resistance and/or brings light to important issues. By focusing on the personal as political, we hope this project will emphasize the political space we inhabit everyday as we move through Coast Salish territories, the institution, the colonial state, education, home, family, body and all the other spaces that constitute and shape our experiences.

        If you choose to share your experience and participate, you will meet with Bára Hladíková. Together you will co-write and design a political cartoon to be published for The Talon! To get an idea of the illustration style see @protoruze on instagram. To participate in the project, please email talonubc@gmail.com !