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Pride Collective’s Outweek: Call for Submissions

Outweek is an annual, week-long series of events focused on “laughing, (un)learning, and love” in the queer and trans communities on campus. The Pride Collective puts a lot of work into making Outweek thrive each year, hosting everything from discussions and workshops to performances and dances.

This year, Outweek runs from February 6-14, and The Talon is encouraging submissions from the community that connect to the spirit of Outweek and to Outweek 2015’s theme “sowing seeds and setting roots.” If you have related thoughts, we want to hear from you! We welcome submissions about any of the Outweek events, ideas presented at the events, and/or any other opinions, comments, or thoughts you may have.

The Talon especially encourages submissions from queer and trans Indigenous people, people of colour, neurodiverse and/or disabled folks. Borrowing from Queer U’s call for abstracts, we also encourage submissions related to the following topics during Outweek:

  • Queer/trans* diasporas
  • Temporalities of queer/trans* spaces
  • Innovative looks at the relationships between community and identity
  • Relationships between community and wellness
  • Intersections of queer/trans* communities with systems of power
  • Other related topics with anti-racist, anti-colonial, and/or intersectional feminist approaches

We hope to publish several of these submissions during Outweek, but we are also happy to feature related submissions throughout February. We hope that The Talon can be an avenue for sharing many of the critical reflections that develop during Outweek.

If you would like to submit, please review our submissions page and get in touch!

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