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Trigger Warning: Sex, Offensive Language

as I sexualize  you

I watch myself objectify you

cut clothes to fit your frame

move you till you’re perfectly arranged

until we’re in intimate role plays

a conductor

you’re my instrument

I  pray

to never act this way

to love a lie I create, a charade


these instincts will take me to the precinct

for wanting things I can’t ask for

bodies I’d draw a map for

down from your eyes to whatever door

I can open

under you I’m folding conversations like tents in my mouth

hope you don’t figure it out

choking on words trying to be self assured but this

base takes over operations

primitive and impatient

sleeping with these visualizations

in the morning we condemn

and at night we give in to temptation


blank spaces become races for crowns I have no title for

I ask what I read the bible for

I cry like I’m guilty

less than I should

for sick thoughts polluting time in a waste

of all of us, asphyxiates futures for a taste

chews brain activity into mush I can’t escape

sluts don’t get to be smart

when all they think about is fucking

but damn I

want to watch you button down

with your buckle undone

fingernails around a condom

loosened up for one-on-one

calm enough to yawn some

drunk so much you gone son

don’t bother turning the switch on

get unzipped and flip wrong

my eye candy has gone along

tripped and fallen but

I’m strong enough


prize won’t collect itself.


so I lift it up on the bed

take off its shoes

check its head

find a bump,  get some ice

turn it over on its side

cuz bodies full of booze can’t make invites

how’d you expect this fantasy to end like

an ear bite, sheets tight, winding legs like teens in a campsite

that’s not polite

taking love like a parasite

devouring you so I’m satisfied

why bother fucking if you won’t requite

porn ain’t life

it’s not alright


one yes is not all night equity

sex is not an enemy

homies aren’t prey

so quit huntin’ bae