Image by Evelyn

Rad Bike of the Week

I don’t walk. It’s not my jam.

Katerina Gerastimenko   –   4th year Math major

“I’ve had two bikes – the first one had a sad story, the front wheel got stolen and… I never took it anywhere.

But this one is a year and a half old. I got the seat stolen… and someone tried to steal the front wheel so it got all bent and I had to replace [it]. I’ve had to replace pretty much everything on this bike but I still love it. The fender is from Russia!

It’s just so easy to get places on a bike. You’re faster than walking, and that’s it. But you also don’t have to drive, and you can get outside.”

Rad bike of the week!

Cycling is revolutionary. No constant dependence on fossil fuels. No more wasting your life in traffic jams. Faster than walking, with a bit better view. It’s the cheapest type of transit around, and definitely the most enjoyable. Wikipedia puts it in perspective:

A human being traveling on a bicycle at 16-24 km/h (10-15 mph), using only the power required to walk, is the most energy efficient means of transport generally available.

Rad bike of the week is a spotlight on people who’re in on the secret – biking is best. It’s radical, subversive, and freeing.

Put the fun between your legs!