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Rad Bike of the Week 2: Britta

My bike doesn’t really have a name, but it says LRT on it and I don’t really know what that stands for, so in my brain it stands for Little Red Thing.”

Britta Antonsen – 5th year biology


Britta lives on campus, so the Little Red Thing usually only ventures into the city once or twice a month, but it’s zipping around campus most days! She thinks UBC could probably use a few bike lanes, because it’s especially busy with all the construction. Navigating through the crowds can have a few upsides though!

“One time I almost hit someone on my bike, and then she recognized my shirt from a sailing program we’d both done, and now we’re friends!”

Britta takes the L.R.T. to the AMS Bike Kitchen because, “They’re just really chill people, and always really helpful.” The Bike Kitchen is both a repair shop and a DIY space so, “If you’re really clear with ‘I want you to fix it’, or ‘I want you to teach me how to fix it myself’, they can do both, and that’s pretty cool.”

She also let me know about an upcoming Bike Clinic event! It’s put on by UTown UBC, and it’ll happen 4 times per month, rotating through campus residences. For more details on that, check out this page.


Rad bike of the week!

Cycling is revolutionary. No constant dependence on fossil fuels. No more wasting your life in traffic jams. Faster than walking, with a bit better view. It’s the cheapest type of transit around, and definitely the most enjoyable. Wikipedia puts it in perspective:

A human being traveling on a bicycle at 16-24 km/h (10-15 mph), using only the power required to walk, is the most energy efficient means of transport generally available.

Rad bike of the week is a spotlight on people who’re in on the secret – biking is best. It’s radical, subversive, and freeing.

Put the fun between your legs!