Seeking: YOUR House Hunt Horror Stories


Hi folks!

For a new series on Vancouver’s ongoing affordable housing crisis and how it is impacting UBC students, we’re looking for your house hunt horror stories.

Spent three months looking for a place and wound up living on a rickety living room floor with an ad-hoc partition? Jumping between houses slated for demolition just to get a break on your rent? Making it work in 100 square feet? Constantly emailing your Residence representative, because you have no BC Tenancy rights? If you’ve experienced discrimination, we welcome you to share your story (anonymously, if you prefer).

Whatever your story is, we want to hear it.

We will be using these stories in a set of articles discussing the difficulty for students, especially those navigating our classist and racist society, in finding a place that is affordable, well-located, clean and functional.

Please contact with your story.